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Logistics solutions
Own vehicle park
Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg
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Warehouses in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk
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SIGIR Group mission

— to be a foothold for your business, bringing together creative people in logistics, technology and our assets. We help your business grow: for this we take full responsibility, but we keep you informed of each stage
Berezhnaya Natalya
Business is being done by people. We are convinced of this and unite in our team people for whom logistics is a favorite thing, and not just a craft. It is impossible to make history and deal with dozens of difficulties every day if you are not passionate about what you are doing. We can tell the client that he has well-organized logistics and not impose our services or recommend colleagues who are more competent for his task.

It is important for us that the relationship with customers be a partnership indeed, and not just in words. We are for a professional and honest approach, because this is the key to long and successful stories. If our approach is close to you, we will definitely work together.
Deputy General Director for Development and Commerce

We serve the largest terminal in Krasnoyarsk and build two more in Irkutsk and Omsk. We safely and quickly deliver goods, draw up documents and use all our assets for the best service. And we can also order storage for any period and repair
We transport goods within Russia and around the world. Capacity from a box to a container train: boxes, pallets, whole containers, container trains. In international directions we work with import and export, mainly with China and 11 countries of Southeast Asia. Our locations: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk
Container terminals
Our activities
We have 2 main areas - logistics and terminal.

A foothold for your business

Comprehensive logistics solutions
We work for
Retail and FMCG
Manufacture and raw materials
Production and Raw Materials Cross-docking solutions for FMCG shipments, including those of federal retailers. We track the processing time on arrival and on the last mile, so as not to delay the unloading time at the recipient.
We help deliver raw materials: we accept special containers, consolidate cargo, hold wagons from shipments and return equipment to factories. Now we are working with shipments of rolled steel and tank containers.
Import and Export
We fully organize and accompany international delivery. Customs clearance, cargo inspection, thoughtful logistics and compliance with all security measures during loading.
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We have our own terminal in the Krasnoyarsk
Territory with an infrastructure and an annual turnover of 180+ thousand TEU
We provide comprehensive services and solve specific customer problems
Why choose us
We are fast. We quickly grasp new market needs, quickly make decisions, quickly launch new directions.

Our priority is speed: delivery, work, changes and business scaling.
We easily adapt to new external conditions: whether it is the economic situation in the country, new requirements from Russian Railways or the wishes of the client. We use knowledge and best practices from other areas of activity to improve our processes.
Our team is constantly looking for solutions that are not yet on the market. We combine existing solutions, look at the conditions of transportation from a new angle and analyze the needs of the market in order to create a new unique offer
We have people in our team with fire in their eyes. Those who can come up with and implement a creative solution to the client's problem and are attentive to his needs
Teamwork SIGIR team
We believe in people
To achieve great goals, speed and the desire to constantly develop are important to us, so we help with training and give the opportunity to move between departments and business areas.
We carefully consider feedback from employees and try to improve processes. We also support the initiatives of graduates and undergraduates. Young talents are also our value.
We believe in the team and we know that great goals can only be achieved together
Work with us in Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow
From offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow, we generate ideas and develop business. From the office in Krasnoyarsk, we manage the container terminal and the full cycle of logistics services.
SIGIR Group has several vacancies for specialists of various levels.
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