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We will select a route, type of transport, provide storage, packaging, transportation, customs clearance, delivery of goods. We will organize delivery in Russia and the world. We will build transparent and manageable supply chains for raw materials and goods.
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We check and draw up documents for the cargo
We package the goods and deliver them to the consignee
A full range of services adapted to your tasks
We organize delivery and storage in appropriate conditions
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We find out your goals and special wishes
We select an individual range of services
We provide all stages of delivery safely and on time
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3PL services involve carrying out a full range of logistics work that a particular company or enterprise needs: processing, storage, labeling, repackaging and transportation of goods. You can order them in our company Sigir Group.

Benefits of 3PL Services

Transferring the management of logistics processes to full outsourcing, companies receive several important advantages:

  • saving time. Responsibility for the storage and transportation of goods is completely transferred to a third-party organization, so you can concentrate solely on selling your products, without being distracted by maintaining a fleet, arranging storage facilities, etc.;
  • use of innovative solutions. As a rule, manufacturers and sellers cannot keep up with the latest achievements in the field of logistics, while a 3PL operator is able to provide the necessary technologies;
  • expansion of geographical locations. Thanks to well-organized logistics schemes, you can bring sales to many cities and countries.

But the main advantage of the services of a 3PL operator is savings. The company does not need to spend money on its own fleet, warehouse rental, additional staff salaries, software purchases. Seasonal fluctuations and reductions in deliveries pass without loss, since payment depends on the actual volumes of accepted and processed cargo.

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