Trucking of containers

We undertake the task of providing a quality of the first and the last mile. We know the requirements of warehouses and are ready to fulfill them. We work with the approach, manage risks and minimize the likelihood of being late. If the warehouses are occupied, we will store the cargo in a container at our own terminal or warehouse.
For who
Suppliers of large-scale production and retail

What is included in the service:

Downtime in the warehouse according to the price list at the transportation location
Forwarding with recalculation of places, photographing, return of documents on request
Truck transportation of the container along the agreed route
Delivery of the empty container according to the price list at the transportation location
How the process works
We ask you for a description of the shipment: shipper / consignee, addresses, cargo and capacity
Then we calculate the rate, agree on the conditions and period of their validity
After that we inform about the status of the transportation and deviations
We also provide documents for the flight and return from the container
And send the originals of the return documents by the necessary courier service
Calculate the cost of cargo delivery
Tell us more about your task, we will calculate the cost and contact you within a few hours
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Sigir Group offers container transportation by 20, 40 feet by road. We work throughout Russia, China and the Republic of Belarus. We strictly comply with the deadlines and guarantee the safety of your property during storage in the warehouse and transportation.

The advantages of transporting goods by road

Container transportation in Russia by road can be carried out independently or included in multimodal delivery, for example, when it is necessary to transport a consignment of goods from the port to the recipient's door. This type of transportation is popular due to a number of advantages:

  • flexible logistics schemes due to the absence of strict schedules;
  • if necessary – drawing up individual routes;
  • fast loading and delivery to the destination - both to the forwarder's warehouse and to the recipient's door.
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