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What has been done
We have rebuilt the client's warehouse logistics in Moscow, optimized the technology of trunk delivery and reduced the delivery time of goods to retail outlets in the region of presence.

3PL solution for a large retail chain

What has been done
We have helped a Russian manufacturer find a buyer, build a transportation scheme and receive a subsidy for logistics in China.

Orientation to China

What has been done
We prepared a set of solutions for delivering the client's goods on time, taught the clients how to assess the market situation and use the appropriate route.
Stable variable delivery
What has been done
We justified the effectiveness of direct imports to the center of the country, instead of the usual scheme to Moscow. Accepted, cleared, unloaded to the warehouse, formed orders and delivered to stores.
Household Appliances Distribution Center


We have developed a service for delivering cars to Krasnoyarsk directly from the manufacturer. We are a distribution center for dealers from the Urals to Ulan-Ude. We do not just accept containers, but also prepare cars for transfer to dealer centres.
What has been done

Reception of raw materials for production

We accept special containers, consolidate cargo, hold wagons from shipments and return equipment to factories. Now we are working with shipments of rolled steel, tank containers, gondola cars and covered wagons.
What has been done
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