We will accept and send the goods in compliance with all safety measures. We will repair wagons and containers, organize storage and transshipment of goods for any task. We will clear your cargo at customs and check the TRS, send all the reports.

Terminal processing

Around the clock and in one location
Own vehicle fleet
pallet places
Warehouses in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk
For processing shipments to the railway
In our team
For who
State enterprises
Small, medium and large businesses
Our partners are the largest Russian operators

What is included in the service:

We provide TOR for the repair of wagons and containers
We issue cargo at 3 customs control zones
We offer an individual solution for your business for processing and storing goods
We process incoming trains, covered and gondola cars
We store loaded and empty containers in the right conditions
Forming outgoing trains
Carrying out transshipment of goods
How the process goes
We receive the tasks from you and offer a technological solution
Servicing container trains, containers and wagons
Arranging repairs and storage if necessary
Clearing goods at customs
Sending packaged cargo to the destination
Become a client of the terminal
Find out the fares and current train services
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The Sigir Group company specializes in the provision of integrated logistics services, which include the terminal handling of containers. We serve containers with a carrying capacity of 20 to 45 feet, we have modern computer software that allows customers to receive information about the location and condition of the transported goods. Well-designed schemes allow you to send all types of containers to your destination as soon as possible.

Our offer

We provide any kind of services that small, medium and large businesses may need. It doesn't matter if you need to send one container or a whole container train: we are always ready to offer our help.

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