If you want to find a way to deliver goods or raw materials, but you do not have your own logistics department, we will help you check the current solutions for efficiency. Specialists in the logistics market will analyze your model and point out weaknesses and offer optimization options. It may be possible to save money - but it is also nice to know that everything is efficient for you.


We will strengthen your logistics or confirm that everything is fine
For who
Small, medium and large businesses
Business owners, middle and senior managers

What is included in the service:

We do not sell our services through an audit at any cost, but give you an objective picture.
We will offer the optimization of costs, supply chains, possible contractors, etc
We will build a logistics scheme from zero point and teach you how to support it if this is your request
We will formulate tasks together according to your criteria
We will audit your logistics: we will evaluate the market, the stability of the chain, the economy and growth points
How the process goes
We receive your request: spend less on logistics, make it more stable, find out that you are in the market, etc
We look at how logistics works for you or build it from zero point within the budget
We analyze the market and compare, do a SWOT analysis
We offer solutions with calculations and ready-made schemes
And we teach how to live with it further - check prices, contractors, set KPIs for employees
Calculate the cost of cargo delivery
Tell us more about your task, we will calculate the cost and contact you within a few hours
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Consulting services - management consulting for the optimization of all functional areas of logistics. Sigir Group experts will evaluate the schemes developed or in use, identify problems, if any, and offer options for solving them.

What tasks does consulting solve?

Consulting services will be useful for small, medium and large businesses that want to get an objective assessment of logistics business processes and improve their efficiency. They are also relevant for companies and entrepreneurs who are currently not ready to outsource the storage and transportation of goods due to an insufficient budget and prefer to manage on their own.

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You give us the task and the desired result, and we will come up with the best logistics scheme for fast and safe delivery.
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