Logistics solutions
We will find the most profitable delivery method. You give us the task and the desired result, and we will come up with the best logistics scheme for fast and safe delivery.


We take on the task of providing a quality of the first and the last mile. We know the requirements of warehouses and are ready to fulfill them. We work with the approach, manage risks and minimize the likelihood of being late. If the warehouses are occupied, we will store the cargo in a container at our own terminal or warehouse.

Auto-delivery in Krasnoyarsk

We build a chain for the needs of your business and cargo. We will pick up or accept the goods at our warehouse in Moscow, deliver them to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk, prepare them for delivery to warehouses or retail outlets and deliver them to your door. You do not need to look for a warehouse and open a representative office — we will process the cargo, deliver it to the buyer and report in the required form.

3PL solutions to Siberia

We will build an optimal and profitable route for the transportation of cargo in a container through land border crossings and ports. We will provide warehouses for the distribution center function in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. We stabilize the chain with our assets — containers, cars, warehouses and terminals.

Import to Moscow and Siberia

Import and export in volume up to a container train. We will take care of international delivery at all stages: we will prepare transport documents, clear the goods at customs, deliver or send on time. We have already worked out logistics with China and 11 countries of Southeast Asia, we also provide other directions. Import and export locations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk.

International Forwarding

Ten-year expertise of solutions on this route. We work with all train operators and fix technologies with our own assets. We take care of all the logistics and help you expand your business. In addition to complying with the agreed technology and delivery time, we guarantee transparent reporting at each stage according to your form.

Door-to-door delivery. Moscow – Krasnoyarsk

We will apply our experience and expertise to solve your problems from evaluating the effectiveness of existing schemes in logistics to designing new ones. Honestly, we don’t need to change anything if we understand that the current solutions are optimal.

Evaluation of logistics efficiency

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