We build a chain according to the needs of your business and cargo. We will pick up or accept the goods at our warehouse in Moscow, deliver them to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk, prepare them for delivery to warehouses or retail outlets and deliver them to your door. You do not need to look for a warehouse and open a representative office - we will process the cargo, deliver it to the buyer and report in the required form.

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We take care of all logistics and help you expand your business

We will offer solutions to save on logistics for a growth strategy
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We have own warehouses, containers, a terminal and vehicles for reliable delivery Capacity from a box or pallet
Capacity from a box or pallet

Depending on the needs, the service may include

Storage of cargo in a warehouse in Krasnoyarsk
Preparation of consignments, packaging and delivery to consignees
Consolidation and storage of cargo in a warehouse in Moscow
Magistral transportation with the required temperature conditions
How the process works:
We ask you for a description of the shipment (transportation route, cargo, capacity, necessary services)
Calculate the rate, agree on the conditions and the period of their validity
We inform you at all stages of transportation in the required format
We are responsible for the cargo, compliance with the rules of transportation and temperature conditions
We send scans and originals of documents in the necessary way

Details of delivery of your cargo to China

In addition to compliance with the agreed technology and delivery time, we guarantee transparent reporting at each stage according to your form
Warm warehouses
WMS and dislocation of cargo during the magistral transportation
Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Irkutsk Region
Calculate the cost of cargo delivery
Tell us more about your task, we will calculate the cost and contact you within a few hours
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International forwarding
Door-to-door delivery. Moscow - Krasnoyarsk
Logistics efficiency assessment
You give us the task and the desired result, and we will come up with the best logistics scheme for fast and safe delivery.
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